About Us

Frank Shankly's Record Emporium is run by deejay Tim Buckwalter.

In February 2021, he got tired of hauling his records to the nearby shop for a trade-in credit. It was the pandemic, after all. So, if he was gonna leave his house, he figured he might as well just go to the post office after he sold some of them to you.

Because Buckwalter worked in two record stores and purchased at hundreds more, he thought if he was gonna have a shop, it might as well be a friendly place, because is there anything worse than a snobby record store employee?

A few months later, he was incredibly fortunate to purchase the massive inventory of 45s (more than 120,000) from a defunct record store (Gold Mine Rare Records) in Gulfport, Mississippi. And now the Record Emporium is pleased to offer an ever expanding selection of rare, regional and promo labels.

He gets a lot of assistance from his wife, author/ journalist Nell Bernstein.

Frank Shankly's Record Emporium is a proud member of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.